Faversham Hundred Records

FAVERSHAM HUNDRED RENTALS - Volume 5 (ISBN 978-09524563-1-5)

Faversham Hundred Rental Transcripts and Catalogue

By Patricia Hyde and Duncan Harrington

Volume 5. (2008) ISBN 978-09524563-1-5. FAVERSHAM HUNDRED RENTALS by Duncan Harrington and Patricia Hyde.
This publication on a CD offers, in some cases for the very first time, a transcript of certain rentals in the Hundred of Faversham. The parishes covered by this study include Badlesmere, Buckland, Davington, Eastling, Faversham, Goodnestone next Faversham, Harty, Leaveland, Luddenham, Newnham, Norton, Oare, Ospringe, Preston next Faversham, Sheldwich, Stalisfield, Stone next Faversham, and Throwley. We have included two maps showing the hundred of Faversham.
The records start with a brief descent of the manor of Faversham, followed by a list of the available rentals and court books. Those that have been transcribed are marked in bold and cover the following years 1515, 1532, temp. Elizabeth I, 1604, 1621, 1631, 1638, 1653, 1672 and 1815. The rentals for 1515 and 1532 also include an introduction.
Also on the CD is a catalogue of records for the Hundred of Faversham. The catalogue covers 5692 original documents deposited in the Centre for Kentish Studies, The National Archives, Canterbury Cathedral Archives and Lambeth Palace Library. This provides the most comprehensive index of the twenty parishes (that is the 18 parishes listed earlier together with Boughton under Blean and Graveney) and involved the monumental labour of searching every page of the unofficial catalogues in the Centre for Kentish Studies.
The introduction provides details of the scope of this project and the records that are not included. We have also put in the CD the name and place index to The Faversham Bibliography of Primary Sources. We hope that this will not only highlight the existence of these very useful Faversham Papers but may also provide additional detail of items found or not to be found in the Catalogue of Faversham Hundred records.
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