FAVERSHAM ABBEY: Collections towards a history - CD - (ISBN 978-0-9530998-0-1)

By Duncan Harrington & Patricia Hyde

Volume 7. (CD) ISBN 978-0-9530998-0-1. FAVERSHAM ABBEY: Collections towards a history By Duncan Harrington & Patricia Hyde.
The history of the abbey has been the subject of earlier writers and, whilst mindful of all this material, we have set out, as before in our work, to glean as much as possible from primary sources and try to avoid any errors of the past.

Whilst we hope that, we shall eventually complete this study of the history of the abbey we feel that our publication of some of the many town and abbey records has provided us with a reasonable database of information on the abbey for the period. Included within the twenty-two appendices are transcripts of many documents concerning the Abbey of Faversham, on which the book is based. These provide an invaluable treasure trove of early modern source material very little of which has ever been published before.
Appendix I is an important transcription and translation of the Faversham Abbey Leiger Book; the earlier Chartulary in the possession of John Castlocke has not been found.

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