Lamberhurst Memorial Inscriptions
Between April 1896 and June 1897 Robert Hovenden of Heathcote, Park Hill Road, Croydon paid Sydney J. Wallis, of The Bridge, Lamberhurst to copy all the memorial inscriptions in the churchyard and churchyard. These are in a bound volume with each entry numbered, those followed by a C are in the church. Transcript of an individual entry for a particular surname can be sent on receipt of 2.50 and pro-rata for multiple entries.
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Lamberhurst Memorial Inscriptions

Will Index 1696-1857
The will calendars for the Archdeaconry and Consistory Court of Canterbury PRC 48/10, 11 and 17 have been indexed for the period 1696 to 1857, when the Principal Probate Registry commenced. All entries in Latin have been put into English. This index has been collated with the bundles of original wills for some periods and this work will progress slowly. The cards are arranged in strictly alphabetical order and all requests can include up to five variant spellings for the names to be extracted.

Complete listings will be provided for £15.00 per surname. If only one Court is required the charge is £7.50 per surname and the Court should be specified.

Consistory Court of Canterbury Probate Act Books 1700-1857 (PRC 22/2231)
A complete nomina index is available giving all testators, intestatees, executors, executrixes, administrators and bondsmen. Approximately 42,000 entries. Complete listings of any surname will be provided for £30.00 per name. Each listing will give surname and Christian name, type of entry, testator/intestate date and reference to volume and folio.

Deposition Index 1541-1755
There are deposition registers and papers for the Archdeaconry and Consistory Courts of Canterbury and Rochester. Whilst no registers of depositions have survived for the Peculiar of Shoreham a certain amount of deposition material has survived within the papers in ecclesiastical causes at Lambeth Palace Library. The two surviving depositions registers for the Diocese of Rochester are deposited at the Kent Archives Office (DRb/Jd) and cover the years 1541-1571 and 1631-1636. The index contains details of all the deponents in these two volumes.

Since many of the Ecclesiastical Court books were used for more than one purpose, it seems very likely that more depositions will be found and it is hoped ultimately to include these in the index. Depositions from civil court records are also being included when located in Kent Archives Office, Cathedral Archives and Library Canterbury and The National Archives. Also Kent entries from some of the Sussex Deposition registers have been noted. At this stage only the names of the deponents have been indexed although occasionally mentions are noted within the depositions.

The preamble to the deposition, in Latin before 1733, gives information on the witness (or deponent) who normally stated on his or her oath his name, residence, occupation, how long he or she had been living there, and often his or her period of residence in other parishes if relevant to the enquiry. Perhaps most important of all, the deposition gives the person's age and where he or she was born or originated from. The very early and later depositions may not contain as much detail as the 16th and 17th Century depositions. The earliest Consistory Court of Canterbury deposition register starts in 1411. If any entry is of interest it is strongly suggested the original is consulted as the deposition itself may contain yet further information. At some stage it is hoped to index the cases.

So far the index contains deponents from the Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury for the periods 1555-60, 1581-4, 1591-3, 1598-1623, 1626-1755, from the following groups of records: PRC 39/1, 10, 11, 14, 15, 22-36, 40-55, PRC 38/1 to 4, PRC 5/11, PRC 18/52 and 53. There is a gap in the Archdeaconry and Consistory depositions 1650-1660 during the Commonwealth. For the Consistory Court of Canterbury the index covers the period 1585 to 1687, 1693 to l696, 1713 to l753. The details have been taken from volumes DCb/J/X.11.Volumes 1 to 17, using the F. W. Tyler index. Unfortunately recent researches have shown that over the years the card index, which has been in the search room, has had some cards removed. DCb/J/X.11 Volumes 18, 20, and 21 were taken from the original volumes; DCb/Z.3.20; PRC 44/4/7, PRC 44/6, PRC 44/14, 15 and 16, Diocesan Box K2. It is hoped to fill some of these gaps in due course from some of the Court Acta and papers many of which are not fully catalogued. The index is in the process of compilation with earlier registers being added in 2012.

Complete listings of all entries for the name will be made and the full details concerning the deponent extracted and translated for 65. (The Index cards often contain just the name and reference so that the original volume will be examined for the details as part of the fee.)

For instance:
Richard Cullen junior of the Parish of Saltwood in the County of Kent, yeoman, where he has lived for 4 years last past and before in West Hythe in the said county for a period of 10 years or thereabouts. Born in Northbourne in the county aforesaid aged 52 years or thereabouts. 12 October 1639. CCA: PRC 39/48 folio 103.

John Bridge of the parish of Faversham in the County of Kent where he has lived for 2 years. Born in the parish of St Mary the Virgin Dover, aged 33 years or thereabouts. 1 December 1640 CCA: PRC 39/51 folio 136v.

Edward Crayford of Blackfriars in Canterbury Esq. has lived there for 4 years or thereabouts. Born at Great Mongeham, Kent, aged 31 years. 17 April 1673. CCA: DCB/J/X.11.18 folio 107v.

James Lucas of Great Chart in the County of Kent, farmer, where he has lived for 3 years. Born at Charing aged 34 years and more. 23 March 1724/5. CKS: PRC 44/4/7 folio 39.

Thomas Hudson of Faversham, Kent blacksmith where he has lived for about 11 years. Originated at Keswick, Cumberland aged 44 years. 8 February 1602/3. CCA: PRC 39/25 folio 160 .

Kent Newspapers: Kentish Gazette 1787-1789
This title, which commenced in 1768, is still in existence. Until 1833 it appeared twice weekly. There are no indexes for the Kentish Gazette and the only index for a Kent newspaper is for two years of the Kentish Post or Canterbury Newsletter, which commenced in 1717, for the period 1750-1752 (copy available for research). The compiler, who unfortunately remains anonymous, writes in the introduction:

"Early Kent newspapers form a valuable, yet still to some extent inaccessible, source of local history material. It will be found that with the notable exception of crime The Kentish Post, being published in Canterbury, laid greatest emphasis on the Eastern part of the county.

However, occasional West Kent notices appeared in the early 1750s and by the following decade advertisements were being inserted from as far away as Dartford. This trend towards a fuller coverage of West Kent by the Kentish Post and its Canterburybased successors continued during the second half of the 18th century in spite of the establishment, in 1786, of The Maidstone Journal." [We now have various indexes available for the Maidstone Journal.]

Although newspapers provide one of the most informative and detailed sources of information they are by their very contents so time consuming to search that they are rarely consulted by the amateur or professional genealogist.

The search for any surname requested will cover the period 1787-1789 and during that period all names connected with Kent will be extracted from the advertisements, local information, court records, disasters, reports, births, marriages and deaths. The details obtained from the index will be supplied in the following format:

Full name, parish (if given), occupation, date of newspaper, page and column. The surname in five variant spellings can be included for each payment of £12.50. Further variant entries must be paid for at the rate of £12.50 for each five entries. For every tour surnames or lines of variants a fifth surname and variants may be included without further charge.

Kent Commonwealth Index 1641-1660
This at present includes the whole of the 1664 Hearth Tax Assessments for Kent from the copy at the Centre for Kentish Studies together with other returns from the boroughs and a start has been made on the other returns at the Public Record Office. So far completed and incorporated are the Kent Exchequer Depositions by Commission 1640-1660; Diocese of Canterbury Marriage Licences 1641-1660; The Kent entries in Prerogative Court of Canterbury Wills & Administrations 1641-1660 and Probate Acts for much of this period; Kent Quarter Sessions Calendars 1641-1660 published material, some recently prepared Calendars will be incorporated in due course; Canterbury Archdeaconry & Consistory Court Wills & Administrations 1641-1660. Material from the Kent Protestation Returns 1641/2 and Solemn League & Covenant 1643 is largely complete and included. The Index also contains references to Churchwardens' Assessments, Title Deeds, Bonds & a variety of court records including the Court of the Liberty of St Augustine, Canterbury.


Charges per surname are currently £25 for Hearth Tax entries or £45 for a complete listing to include all entries of a surname. Please state surname variants when applying. Also available (which can be signed by the author if required) Kent Records Volume XXIX Kent Hearth Tax Assessment Lady Day 1664 edited by D. Harrington pp. cxiv + 687, 13 maps tables and plates; cased, jacket. Charge £40.00 with £6.00 postage and packing


For searches in any of the above indexes please contact or write to Duncan Harrington, Ashton Lodge, Church Road, Lyminge, Folkestone, Kent CT18 8JA